Welcome Misha Camp to the Infinite Flight Team!


Fun fact: Misha will be the best staff member.


Fun Fact: Misha is already the best staff member


Fun Fact: Misha has been, currently is, and will be the best staff member.

This post has been brought to you by "Fun Facts Combined!!" 🤯


Congratulations Misha !!! It’s always good to have people like you in infinite flight.


Congrats Misha!

I am also glad to see this is happening. I know a VA that desperately wants an livery on their A320 😉


This means we can’t tag him anymore!

In all seriousness, congrats! We’re all happy for you!


@Joseph_Krol Aparently you still can. I had the same question myself!


Not to cause debates, but 😏


Congrats Misha! Glad to hear VA’s and engagement are going to be more of a priority for IF! virtualBlue will assist you in any way we can!


Congrats Misha! You’re awesome!


Glad to have you for us


Congratulations Misha! Well deserved!


Well done Misha! Great news! 😉


Welcome Misha good luck well done too!


Thank you! It’s been great so far (:


It must be fun being a staff member for Infinite Flight, the best app in the world! @MishaCamp


Congrats Misha! Hope to see an actual flying unicorn in the game soon;)


Congratulations MishaCamp


Good thing I left when I did because I don’t know if I would have be able to tolerate Misha on staff haha. But you should make a great addition to the team. Have fun!


A bit late… But congrats 👍