Welcome Misha Camp to the Infinite Flight Team!


Bravo 👏



🙌 there should be a celebration flight for Misha!


Congrats Misha! You’ve been a great part of the community, and you absolutely deserve it!


WooHoo! My favorite mod is now promoted to Staff!

Congrats, Misha!!! :D


I mean your TL2, by all means make one…


Wah! Congrats Misha! Btw your profile background is just great, I mean, I literally can’t ready anything you wrote as a description lol.


OY no surprise. This guy one day ‘ll be bigger than Beckham and Bangers. Nice job you slick go getter.


Congratulations, Misha! 🎉 Very well deserved.


Jason could not have described you any better in that last paragraph.

What a perfect fit for the staff team. My utmost congratulations and welcome to you! 🎉


@Jose_Oscana @Nathan cheers boys!


That was already a rule I had with you before being staff 👀


You can stilltag me, don’t worry (:


Not sure she would agree but I’ll take it 😉


Welcome @MishaCamp to the Team!

You have been a very active user and a huge part of our community over the years, you are one of thousands who makes this Sim a great experience for all to enjoy. Congratulations are in order for Misha Camp! 👏🏾

Don’t stop the grind and keep doing great things, onward and upwards!


Great sox you have there Misha ;)


We’ll need a plane with a pink glasses filter soon…
Congratulations Misha!


Congrats Misha! Awesome work!


Congrats! I’m very happy for you! And jealous


Well, I knew this would’ve happened one day. Congrats on the new Job Mr. Unicorn


congratulations :)…