Welcome Misha Camp to the Infinite Flight Team!


Congratulations Misha!


Congrats on joining staff Misha :)


@MishaCamp Congratulations! Best of luck in your new position with FDS! I’m sure we will see great things from you!


Congrats Misha! What a great addition to the Infinite Flight Team! 🎉🍾🥂


Deserved it 100000% Well done Misha🎉


The Flying Unicorn… MISHA!!! Congratulations on your promotion!!


Congrats Misha, you deserved this. I guess this means we can’t tag you anymore. (that will get confusing.) 😂🦄


How about as a celebration, we change the name of all of the unicoms to “unicorn” for today?🤷‍♂️What do you think Mishmish?


Congratulations Misha! You deserve it, thanks for making this place better!


You better not start springing the “don’t tag staff” on me


Great job Misha, congratulations.


Congratulations Misha!! Wish you the best with your future at the Infinite Flight team :)


Congratulations Misha!


Nice news Misha! Great to hear about FDS getting more into VAs as well.


Congratulations Misha!


Congrats Misha well deserved!!!


What an amazing addition!! Congrats @MishaCamp!


OMG congrats 100% dude it was well deserved


Well deserved my man ! Cheers!


Congrats Misha u deserved it