Welcome Misha Camp to the Infinite Flight Team!


Hey Misha, were gonna Need some IF socks sometime soon ;)



I already conveyed my congrats on PM, but doing it twice doesn’t hurt ;)

Once again, Congratulation on your New Staff Position, Misha :)

So when can we see a Unicorn Livery in IF ;P


Congrates misha keep up your hard work and dedication!!!


Congrats to Misha to earning this title! My condolences to you and I hope you keep on being yourself and improving this community!


We’re really happy to have you onboard!

Now my beard and your hair can befriend each other for real <3


Congratulations Misha! You’ve done so much for this community, no one could deserve it more;-)


Congrats @MishaCamp! Keep being such a majestic unicorn 🦄 🍾


Congrats Misha! And good luck! 🙂


Congrats @MishaCamp! You were an amazing mod and I’m sure you’ll be an amazing Staff member!


Congratulations Misha! You deserved it. You are great member of the community ;-)


All things magical is now staff. Congrats @MishaCamp



Great, awesome to see Misha climbing his way up the ranks :D


Glad to have the best dressed as Staff. (Misha 1st & Laura 2nd)


Haha sounds good. Looking forward to it!
We want our unicorn livery ;)


Little late to the party. Congrats Misha! Glad to see a new member of the team.


Congrats Misha! Very well deserved. Cheers!


Congrats Misha! 🎈❤️🦄


Congratulations Misha well deserved!


The unicorn advances good job 👍