Welcome Misha Camp to the Infinite Flight Team!


We are excited to announce the latest addition to the Infinite Flight team, @MishaCamp! Misha has been a dedicated and active member of the Infinite Flight community since the early days of solo-flying in Virtual Airlines. He quickly helped in making the transition from solo to live mode by joining the IFATC moderating team, and eventually, the IFC moderating team. Misha has been honing his skills as social media manager for LiveFlight and brings a creative edge to the team.

In addition to social media work and community engagement, Misha will be a European liaison for our team at real-world events. He will soon also be working to build our Virtual Airline engagement as that becomes more of a priority for Infinite Flight.

For those who don’t know Misha, he is a charismatic and enthusiastic part of our community who wears really great socks. 🧦

Welcome to the team, Misha!

ATIS info

Nice work dude! Great news.



Welcome to the team Misha!


So we can finally get a playable flying unicorn?! 🦄 😂


Enjoy your new position, Misha!! 🦄


Excellent news! Misha, we expect you to have some Infinite Flight socks asap ;)


You already have. ACJ5 on the A318 :)


Good job Misha on becoming part of the team!


Congrats Misha! Looking forward to seeing you in the new role.


Congratulations Misha, we can all safely say that this is well deserved! Good job :)


I am pretty sure his notifications just exploded…


Congrats Misha! We know that Infinite Flight will have that just amazing touch of yours😂


Congratulations Mishmish.

Well deserved promotion!


I’m greatly looking forward to what’s ahead now that you’re in this position. Congratulations and good luck!

(Can u get them add an actual unicorn to IF now that you’re staff? 😛)


Congratulations Misha! Well deserved :)


Congratulations on your new milestone Misha! I can’t wait to see what you have in store for us. ;)


Well deserved Misha, you are truly a great member of the community :)


Congrats Misha! We’re all so proud that you’ve come this far to be officially named as a Staff Member at FDS! 😀❤️


Congratulations MishMish! May you bless the Infinite Flight social media channels with your magical touch! 🦄

See you in Birmingham Mr European Liason!