Welcome Mark, our new pilot community evangelist

With our community growing at a fast pace, we need to make sure that both Infinite Flight pilots and controllers have access to all the resources they need in order to improve their skills and continue making the Infinite Flight Live experience better every day.

To achieve this, we decided to grow our community team and this is why we are happy to announce that @Mark_Denton (“skyhawkheavy”) has joined our staff to help our pilot community with tutorials, events and general advanced pilot guidance.

Mark has shown great commitment and initiative in the IF community for a long time and we think he is a great fit for the job so from now on, if you have any question about pilot procedures or official events, feel free to contact him (R.I.P @Mark_Denton inbox)

Our internal community team is now organized in the following way:

  • @david: support, social media engagement, assist Tyler and Mark with events and general coordination
  • @Tyler_Shelton : ATC community engagement, ATC tutorials, events, controller guidance
  • @Mark_Denton : Pilot community engagement, Pilot tutorials, events, pilot guidance

We also want to take this opportunity to thanks our amazing @moderators who have done an incredible job keeping this community running smoothly despite the overwhelming increase in new members.

Happy Landings!


@Mark_Denton you deserve it


Job well done, Mark! @Mark_Denton


Congrats Mark!

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Nice one man!

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Congratulations @Mark_Denton ! I’m happy for you!

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Agreed. Congrats @Mark_Denton

Maybe he can celebrate by getting that Spit tutorial out :)


Ever since I nearly killed you the other day, I knew you were the right fit, Denton. Your dedication to the community and willingness to help each and every one of us makes you the perfect candidate for the job. You’ve been nothing but awesome towards the people who really need assistance when it comes to concepts they want to understand. I know my questions probably gave you a headache and had you reach for the ibuprofen, so sticking in there for that is quite some dedication. ^-^

Seriously, dude. Awesome work. I’m glad that our ever-expanding community has a figure they can turn to for pilot assistance. Who better than a guy who can do ten Spit patterns in the time it takes for a jet to do one? ;)

P.S- I still offer mountain tours for $100.

P.P.S- You found a winner, Philippe. He’ll do great. :)


This sounds like a great story time moment


Leave it to Joshua to spoil the whole thing 😒

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I’m next, you just watch ;)

On another note, congratulations I haven’t seen you much but by the sounds of it you will make a great addition to the team.


@Mark_Denton, congrats!

@philippe, what will you do with all of this help?? ;P

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Thanks Brandon! I’m excited about the opportunity.


Thank you to everyone (even you @StikLover2). I’m truly excited about this opportunity and very happy to be a part of the team. Have been working on a few things already this week that will be published soon including the Spitfire Tutorial.

Look forward to seeing everyone in the Infinite Flight skies!


Congrats Mark , but did Tristan Hensley approve this promotion??


I think Mark has been more involved with the Advanced ATC so he has been more active on there, maybe that’s why you haven’t seen him much. He also creates some great tutorials on here which are helpful.

Either way, congratulations Mark!

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Thanks Tom. I’m sure he will put his 2¢ in soon. LOL


Don’t forget the “😡😡😡”.