Welcome Home 20.1!

Welcome Home 20.1!

Well hello IFC! As we know 20.1 is now out and I love this update like most of us do. Only thing is it takes about 10 minutes to load into a game :( Apart from that I love this update. So what better way to welcome it home than a good screenshot topic. So I am doing no more talking, just going to let the pictures talk for themself.

Thank you for viewing my screenshots.

What was your favourite picture?

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Have a good day
-Luke :)


Still not too big a fan of that new UAL livery. Too much blue and white, needs a touch of gold, aka the old United livery.

Well I liked Them Very Much :)
Great Photos! Keep It Up.

I’m not saying I didn’t like the photos, just saying that I’m not a fan of the new UA livery.

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Yeah I Know I am not mad.

Everyone has their own opinions right? :)


Thank you @Cap_J :)

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I remember going crazy when the livery was leaked 😂! Great photos, 20.1 has really gone down in IF history!
Happy Flying :D

Thank you :)