Welcome Emerald Airways Virtual! @ KMIA - 101900ZAUG16

Hello all! For this event, we will be having a celebration event for Emerald Airways Virtual (owned by @gjwhite14) because they decided to choose Air Connection as their official Airline Alliance. Show your support for EA Virtual by coming down to South Florida for some fun flying!

Server: Advanced

Region: South Florida

Airports: KMIA - KBPI

Time: 1900Z

NOTAM: Come in any aircraft, but make sure that you are in Generic livery! Also, make sure your callsign has 3 numbers and ends with “EA” like this.


We will be departing from KMIA runway 26L. My display name is “FlyFi - ACAA”. Look for my aircraft and copy my flight plan if you know how to. Our cruise altitude will be at FL160, at a speed of 310 knots.

Flight Plan

This is what the flight plan should look like:

Parking: (Only making this a wiki for you to put your name in your parking spot.)

E09: Benny87654321
E10: gjwhite14
E11: FlyFi


Now it’s finished. :)

Thankyou so much for this event! I can’t wait for it!!

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You could post these a bit earlier, like 2-3 days in advantage so more people can see it.

I’m sorry I can’t show up right now, but I ended up at a hotel and with family. I’ll try to get on later.

It’s okay! I moved the date to Wednesday. ;)

Ok, but Tuesday would be the best day because we go on a road trip on Wednesday, but Thankyou so much for going through all the work to mske it the best!

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Turbulent Tuesday would attract less people I think. :/

Then lets do the event Thursday

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Sounds good!

So, is anybody going to be attending this event?

i can’t, i’ve got stuff on

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I’m assigning parking spots for everybody coming!

@Benny87654321 @gjwhite14 Still coming right?

Yes I’m coming :)

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What’s gonna be your parking spot?

Definitely coming!

Parking spot: D27

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You should choose one of the parking spots listed above. ;)

Just make it a Wiki :)

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Done. Now put your name in there. :)

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The event is starting in half an hour! Will anybody else be attending?