Welcome Beta! Testing the 77L OMBD - OBBI

As we all know Open Beta phase 2 is out! And I have taken the liberty to test the 77L from Dubai to Bahrain and this includes one of my best moonshots!

Route was OMBD - OBBI or Dubai to Bahrain! This was flown on le Expert Server!

Preparing the FPL and aircraft!

Aircraft is all started up and ready to go!

On runway 30L … and TO/GA

V1 … Rotate … Positive Rate!

Getting a view of the beautiful wing!

And Boom there is one of my best moonshots as we descend into Bahrain!

On finals! 500 … 400 … 300

Retard and down spoilers up and decel

Ladies and Gentlemen it is now safe for you to un-buckle your seatbelts! Hope you enjoyed your flight to Bahrain and hope to see you onboard soon!

Hope you enjoyed these shots! Hope you are enjoying your Beta Testing!

Average Gamer ;)


Solid photos mate!

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Quite the surprise the 777-200LR is, eh? That moon shot is one of the best I have seen, you really captured it quite nicely! I flew into OBBI for the first time the other day, I found the approach to be very cool, hope you had a nice flight!!

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Thank you so much @LordWizrak!

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I had an amazing flight thank you @JarrettFlies I also love that moonshot! Bahrain is a beautiful country and the approach is great!

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