Welcome Beta! Part 2 Testing the 773! FAOR - FALE

Again as we all know Open Beta phase 2 is out! And I have already tested the 77L so now it is the 77W’s turn! This was a flight from Johannesburg to Durban as EK775 this is a real route. Emirates no longer flies direct to Durban but now has a stopover in Johanessburg! Enjoy the photos and keep a lookout for phase 3 77F photos!

This flight was on le Expert Server, flight time was 1 hour due to heavy winds down here in Durban and this was a fairly empty flight with only 178 PAX

Enjoy the Pics!

Preparing the new 77W! Here you can also see an Ethoipian A350

Starting the chunky GE-90 115B Engines

Emirates 775 taking off runway 21R departing west

Rotation from the PAX point of view (I am loving these locked free cams)

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand Boom antha moonshot 1 for each of the new re-worked aircraft I am coming 77F

After a quick flight, we have begun our descent into Durban! And the new fog system is in action it is a stormy day here in Durban

Here is a view from a estate that is right over the approach path this is great! Sorry for changing the time of day this had to be in Afternoon mode to get this shot!

On finals runway 26 again the new fog system is great as ever. But woah the winds were horrible with gusts of up to 26 knots at once!

Touchdown again from the view of the PAX!

And ladies and gentlemen welcome to Durban King shaka International Airport! It is now safe to unbuckle your seatbelts. We hope you enjoyed your flight and sorry for the chops on approach. Hope to see you on-board soon! Cabin crew it is now safe to open the doors :D

I hope you enjoyed my photos of the 77W! Keep an eye out for my coverage of the 77F tomorrow!

Stay Safe
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Durban, my favorite. Nice shots!

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Yep it is a beautiful place! The airport is also one of the best for me