Welcome back Porter!

Hello IFC! Today since Porter resumed flights a few days ago, I decided to a flight with them.

Aircraft: Dash 8
Server: Expert Server

At the gate, preparing to pushback

Pushed back. Starting engines up!

Departed out of YTZ. Off to Ottawa!


Descending into Ottawa.

Gear down!

A smooth touchdown in Ottawa

Parked at the gate.

Thanks for viewing this topic! Have a great day!

free pancakes with maple syrup


😋. Great photos.

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Thank you!

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very nice pics!

That moonshot is sick mate! Teach me how to do amazing moonshots. Cheers!

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Love to see Porter back in the air. Great shots!

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Thank you!

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Nice to see a flight into my hometown, a flew Porter a while back in it was cool, they give you actual glasses for drinks and not plastic cups haha.


That’s some first class service!


wow, Is that even possible??

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Yeah, it was awesome.

Thats a nice route, I’m going to fly that too very soon! I really like Billy Bishop with its 3D buildings, it has a certain atmosphere …its always quiet!

Another good one I like, and to avoid the crowds, is Westchester to Billy Bishop, and the return!

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Canada has great landscapes !

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Yep. Especially British Colombia and the Yukon Area.

Westchester is always a nice place to relax and fly out of.

On topic, these photos are quite splendid if I must say so myself.