Welcome back F-HCIE into the La Compagnie fleet! - La Compagnie B757-204

Hey IFC!

As you know, F-HCIE, one of the two 752 of La Comapagnie is stored at KGYR IRL.
But in IF, F-HCIE is back into the La Compagnie fleet.
The flight was on Training, with an approximating time of 8 - 9h, F-HCIE flew from KYGR to EINN for refuelling; then EINN @Kuba_Jaroszczyk to his destination (LFPO).


Wow bro , you did that .
Amazing shots ! Can’t wait to fly with you next week :)

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Thank you very much @anon36354988!

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Hate to be that guy, but unfortunately photo #2 breaks the rules of the category because because it has features that aren’t in IF (snow).

But those are awesome though, I love #1 and the cockpit photo!

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Thank you @Butter_Boi!

PS: photo N°2 isn’t snow, it is the dust paticules in sun light.


Well, that’s my bad, lol.

It looked like snow. 😂

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I have never seen someone use GYR before! Props to you for being the first!

Also, lovely pictures!

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