Welcome back A380! Spotting in Houston (KIAH)

Welcome back Emirates A380! Spotting in Houston on 6/22 - 6/23.

Long time no see, and welcome back to my spotting topics. I haven’t been able to spot in awhile, but I was finally able to spot over the weekend with several of my friends. Anyways, since the new rule of 10 photos, I have decided to show y’all my 10 favorite photos from that weekend. Enjoy!

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Here is a link to the rest of them on a google drive!


The pictures!

An Air France 777-300ER departs the good ol’ 15L. This aircraft actually has a special “Jon One” sticker.

This United 737-900ER is headed for somewhere.

An American A319 departs IAH with the special “America West” livery!

A United 787-9 departs for LAX after returning from Sydney!

A United 737-900ER departs during some clouds rolling in! This aircraft has the special “Continental” retro livery!

This Spirit A321 is departing for LAX. The sky looks amazing on this shot!

Welcome back Emirates A380! It’s finally back after being downgraded to a 777-300ER.

2 United 737s about to taxi out for departure. You can see that the one in the from is a 737-9MAX, which is the newer type of 737. The one in the back is a 737-900ER, which is an older version of the 737.

IAH will gladly welcome back the regular 787 from ANZ after many engine issues. The “All Blacks” livery is becoming a very common sight at IAH.

Both of United’s biggest 737 variants in 1 picture again!

Not the best picture, but I thought that you would like to see it since I got hanger access a few days ago during a tour provided by Experience Aviation Day!

I hope you enjoyed the pictures!

hi @matt737 (he was there too)
and @Cameron_Stone


Thanks for mentioning me 😊


Dude nice shots! You know you did a good job when Seb gives you a like.

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Naturally I messed up NZE, my pan on the 787, didn’t get AF, got a couple out of focus, and didn’t try to pan some of the ones you did but enough complaining those are nice shots lol.

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Awesome photos. I love the Air New Zealand 787! It looks so good in the All Blacks livery.

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Very nice shots! I wish i had a spotting location back in my hometown airport…

New rule for Spotting Category

10 photo limit, but there so good its a shame its only 10! Great job on these photos, I wonder if Qatar will send a380s?

@JRRaviation I think you messed up your description in pic 8…
The one in back is the 737 MAX 9 while the one in front is the 737-900ER (You flip-floped them)

Ah so you’re the one who decided to point that out. Just look at how observative you are. I’m so proud of you.

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I have it right. Maybe just re read it?

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Thank you! I appreciate your kind words.

No wonder they had 777s instead of a380s in fall 2017

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