Welcome aboard the 747 my personal thread!

My new job requires me to work on the 747-400 and 747-8 series

These were taken last night/this morning! Expect more amazing 747 pictures coming soon!

As I travel with my company I’ll be sharing some photos from the flights! Expecting my first trip soon!


I always did love the 747. This is freaking awesome! Keep up the good pictures!

What airline do you work for?

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It was super fun stepping onboard of one of our 747s! Like I said I’m super excited to travel on them!

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In your opinion, what’s better haha
B748 or B744?

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That’s so awesome!

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Oh the Dash 8, it’s more fuel efficient and carries more plus it’s sleek!

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That’s super cool, I always liked the legendary 747.

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Those are really cool.

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Same here, it’s impressive how big our 747s are! I’m so excited start traveling soon on them.


If ya all have any questions about the 747-400F and -8F I’ll be happy to answer or want to see anything I’ll try get company permission!

So much legroom!! This is again our Dash 8!

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Company permission I may share this of our 747!


So now that I see the company I have one question that I think everyone here shares, have you met captain joe? 😂


literally said it / anyone would disclose who he/she works for

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I can share it now for okay to share some pictures

I haven’t yet! I’m keepin an eye out for him!


I may have missed this at some point, but are you a pilot on the 747?

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I am not I’m a Loadmaster/Operations for Cargolux


Wow that’s still awesome! I have always wanted to stand right next to a 747-8, such a big plane. I got to stand next to a -400 at the Delta flight museum but never a -8. What an awesome job to have!

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They’re extremely cool I was super lucky get on with Cargolux. I’m excited start traveling on our jets!