Welcome Aboard! Full Circle IF [Pilots Needed]

Since my last VA was a duplicate I have created this new one. We operate the A333, A388, Dash 8, A320/318, 742, 752, 773 & 787-10. General applications are now open. Just Reply & i will PM you the application forum. Debut event will be this weekend detail will be announced tomarrow

[UPDATE] we sit under construction.

Hello ;)

I highly recommend to check out this guide as a VA isn’t made in two minutes. It’s much better if you propose routes and make a website. It will give a much better image of your VA.


A va takes time and you have to put in work. It looks like you already have 10 aircraft in your fleet . Start off small it’s really unrealistic to see an airline with basically every aircraft


Okay then. But this is my Va so do you wanna join.

you know, this would actually be a cool name for a VA once global comes out. 🙂

Hey I really want to join, have you created some routes if not may I be route guy thing…or media manger. Thanks have a nice day

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I know, I planned for that. The motto is “Full Circle IF you go all the way around”.

Anyways, I need pilots so if you want to join please reply.

Also to show your support for this VA at FNF tonight add an “F” to the end of your light number. I will be KLM 74F & I will be on from approx 16:10 EASTERN, note for some of the time I will be controlling.

Our website is currently under construction for applications please PM me.