Weirdest, yet awesome glitch to ever happen to me in Infinite Flight

Today, I had such a great and awesome glitch that just happened to me a couple of minutes ago, and lasted only 25 minutes.
I went on to Infinite Flight like normal, and once I entered to select my aircraft, All of the aircraft were green, and were flyable as well!. When I saw this, I was Surprised! I actually went out, opened up multitask on my iPhone to see if resetting it would make it back to normal… It was still there, all the planes were still green and flyable!. So I decided, Why not try some of the planes I was planning on purchasing (I was going to purchase one aircraft, and decided to test the ones that seemed like a good aircraft). It was like heaven, All the planes, all the Sceneries (Yes, two of the sceneries I haven’t purchased, Seattle and Caribbean, were unlocked) and I could try them all.
I tried a majority of the Aircraft. In my previous post: “What’s the upper deck for on the 747 Freighters?”, was actually taken during the glitch. The 747-8 was locked I was in Seattle, which was also locked before the glitch happened. When I posted a topic about the Boeing 747-F’s upper deck, I went back on Infinite Flight to continue to see if it was still there. It reset and then returned to normal (Except that the B747-8 and the Seattle region was still selected and is now locked, in which I can still use them both). I was saddened yet, I was pretty happy to have at least flown most of the planes that were locked to at least try them out.
What do you think? has this ever happened to you? I will be posting the photos of the aftermath
All the planes unlocked during the glitch

Aftermath of the glitch

The Boeing 747-8 is still selected (Note the icon is now orange with the Fly button replaced with purchase)

map of the Seattle Region

The main menu with both items that are locked selected

Using the 747-8 and Seattle region :)
Seattle regione selected even though it’s locked


You typed all of that out so it pains me to share this, at the same time it’s very amazing for all of us. :-)

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Can’t say I have had the joy of this glitch yet. 😭

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Actually you should have the joy currently. Check your subscription status my friend.

I don’t have live. 😉

but this glitch happened when I went into solo… and I do have live, though I never tried to fly any of the planes on live, and the glitch applied on Multiplayer as well.

So In the announcement of Global and the Specials on Live and Live +, I guess there was a glitch, since I had Live, the system thought I had live + and gave me all of the aircraft. Makes sense now. Make sure to restart your app to put it back to normal.

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It’s a Christmas miracle!


Actually, a trial of all aircraft would be an excellent idea.

Your flight time and XP could count towards buying more trials of the same aircraft.


I have It lasted a good 4 hours (because I was going on a 5 hour car trip and I played If for 4 hours straight did a massive flight) and I flew all the aircraft (because of the prices of all the planes in aus I afford any aircraft)

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