Weirdest Weather Issue

This has got to be the weirdest bug I’ve found. So, I’m inbound into MDPC and the weather is set automatically at 500m. But, the tower controller is reporting no visibility issues at all.

Device Info: IPad 12th Generation
App Info: 22.8

Maybe the tower didn’t issue a new ATIS if you are on Expert who knows, since I don’t know how the ATIS works

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ATIS is showing clear visibility

Maybe it’s because there’s no weather info available at MDPC?

Have you checked the METAR? Because if it is showing 0500 it’s most likely an ATIS issue

Show’s literally no info

Oh well. I got no help then, I’ll check flight radar and give you the METAR here ;)

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This is possibly due to a not updated atis. The ATIS, or Automatic Terminal Information Service, broadcasts weather information at the time a controller publishes it. If the weather changes, it won’t be reflected on the ATIS unless the controller republishes it with the new information.

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I’m sorry to say that the issue is on your end, the visibilty is showing more than 10km, it was nice helping you 🙂

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In that case, a simple device restart should resolve your issue. :)