Weirdest Taxiing Stories; Tell me your story

Ok so my story was not too long ago when i was taxiing on KLAX when i saw a group of 6 a330-cargos tokio drifing… they were crossing runways while trying to spin around 24l and 25r… worst of all the story finished when the last standing plane stopped… as the other 5 crashed while doing sharp turns…

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Should this belong in #live?


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Does it? Ehhh… whenever i try to post, it apparently belongs to a thread i cant post at

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Taxiing in Training Server is my story.


Brave… how did you

I didn’t because I never fly there dabs

Crowd Cringes


xDDxd nice story bro

This is probably the weirdest one yet. seeing a Tokyo-drifting F-16 slide right by me on the Expert Server while live-streaming, I tell him kindly to stop if he could hear me (he did) or he could get ghosted. Then, he changed his callsign to “YOUSUCK” minutes after. Immaturity at its finest. Well, in the end, another pilot out of Expert for a week when ATC finally came on.


Well then. I have no words. Your story is out of this ballpark. 😂😂

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Yeah… I’ve seen that… but changing nickname to that i think its like against the rules, to maintain morale and a family friendly ambient

Ikr… i was so confused

LAX on ts1 when insane taxiing in an f18 when an Emirates a380 does a barrel roll and did 350 knts into the ground

How is that possible xD

It’s ts1, anything happens…

You can never underestimate ts1…

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That’s an Ouch out of 10 landing right there.