Weirdest Glitch using the F-22 (solo mode)

Hi everyone,
Today, I went to solo mode, and I used the F-22, because I wanted to go super fast (like Mach 3), so I took off from MIA and went supersonic over the Atlantic heading to the Bahamas.

Note this is in Solo mode, not risking my XP for this.
So I’m going supersonic, and so halfway, I decided to select “Takoff” in the menu, because I wanted to know if it’ll take me to the nearest airport.

To my amazement, the F-22 magically became embedded into the ocean floor, spazzing out, with the throttle still on Max Thrust.
I was in awe, and while this all happened, I wonder why it did this, and so my theory is:

When you select takeoff on the Menu, the game is attempting to locate the nearest airport. For some reason, it doesn’t and so it simply drops you into the ocean (or ground)

The F-22 embedded into the ground

Where the plane is. Nearest airport is MYCC and 07FA

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Select F-22
  2. Takeoff from any costal airport (preferably MIA) and go halfway (see image)
  3. Go supersonic (1,600kts)
  4. select Takeoff and become embedded into the ground

I thought I’d share this. Have fun!

I’m going to record a video to show that what I did was true.

Update: Tried again and it seemed to be a one time thing.


You call that weird? Mine went through the ground and nearly came out the other side of the world.

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Well I did too much loops on Casual and this happened.

I buttered that obviously.


Imagine you’re in the cockpit and the speed rapidly drops from over 1000+ kts to 0 kts within a second, oof!


I am almost no longer surprised now when flights to a million plus feet or close to the altitude of the ISS are now considered routine and no longer a glitch in the sim !

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