Weirdest game crash

I was on downwind into Dubai everything was perfect, it was my best flight ever. Then all of a sudden my iPad made a weird noise and the game crashed. The iPad is still working perfectly fine.

here are some pics right before it crashed

This last one was the same spot we’re I was watching

Dose any one know?

Can you describe the noise?

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It was like a buzz then a thud but the device is working fine

Strange. Not sure that would be an IF issue. If it happens again (not when on IF), contact Apple and see what they say.

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Ok will do!

Alrighty! Hope that helps!

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@TheAviation_YT For future reference, I wouldn’t recommend sharing the serial number of your device.

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Why is that?

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Why, no one can do any thing with it

I think people can look up your device and see every little detail and possibly impersonate you to apple, and order parts for your device. Not 100% sure though.

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Publicly posting a serial number should not be of concern. The serial number is designed as a means to track the device itself, not its contents or owner. Sure, it’s possible to find the device’s storage capacity, production date, iCloud status (locked or unlocked), etc., but nothing personal.

Nice 128GB Space Gray iPad Air you have, @TheAviation_YT. 😉 Nice and new, too—only eight months and 23 days old.

The worst that can happen is someone attempts to resell the device or request a replacement, but even then, they’ll likely be caught in their scheme at one point or another.

@TheAviation_YT - without any additional information (i.e., a description of the sound you heard), it’s nearly impossible for us even to fathom what you heard.

Given that the iPad is working fine, I’d venture to say it’s nothing and that there is no need to worry. As for the crash, well, that happens—all devices have technical limitations, and when exceeded, the app quits.

To best prevent app crashes, ensure that you frequently restart your device, especially prior to flying a long-haul. If you find yourself flying into a busy airport, it wouldn’t hurt to turn down your graphic settings/airplane count.

If you have any further issues, do not hesitate to let us know.

Happy flying! ✈️


Thank you!

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