Weirdest Flight Path for a Regular Commercial Flight (Emergencies not inc.)

In the real world, there are many weird flight paths. Mostly planes don’t fly directly to their destinations are because to have a strong jet steam helping them to finish the flight faster, or some geographical issues. Today I would like to share a weird flight path because of complicated political issues.

TSA-XMN Taipei Songshan-Xiamen Gaoqi

Due to the tense relationship between the P.R.C. (China) and R.O.C. (Taiwan), there is a middle line along the Taiwan Strait, to prevent both air forces entering others’ air spaces. However it brought great inconvenience to flights operating between them.

This is the story I want to share today.
Let me know about others weird commercial flights path. Comment below and have a chat. :)


Is the restriction not on charts? There are some restricted regions in that area (you can see on skyvector), but if I click on them in navigraph it says surface to 37000 so a plane can flight over that.

I doubt a flight like that, especially a small narrowbody would fly that high on such a short route

Well there is still a small gap between the restrited airspace

While airlines don’t have to fly around Pakistan anymore when headed to India, it made for some pretty odd flight routes…

One example that I can think of is Uzbekistan Airway’s flight to Tashkent from Delhi. They flew all the way around the southern part of Pakistan and then made a 180° turn to head towards Tashkent. This flight was around 5 hours and was usually operated by the 767, but sometimes also the A320neo.

For comparison, flights today take around 2 hours 30 minutes when flying between the 2 cities. An example of the normal flight route:


Is it? I just know that only domestic flight from Taiwan can cross the middle line through various exit to islands near the mainland. Like W123 to Kinmen Island, W122 to Matsu Island and W121 to Nan Gan & Bei Gan Islands.

They could’ve just flown north and saved 2 hours of that monstrosity of a path.

Ukranian airlines aren’t allowed into Russian airspace and vice versa (due to the War in Donbas), leading to some flight paths such as PS287 which flies south to the Black Sea and across the Caucasus to avoid Russian airspace:

Israeli airlines are banned from many of their neighbours’ airspace and vice versa, due to tensions. This leads to flights like LY82 from Bangkok to Tel Aviv completely avoiding the Arabian peninsula and flying up the middle of the Red Sea to reach Israel:

Similarly, flights between Middle Eastern countries that would normally fly over Israel have to go around. For example Royal Jordanian’s flightRJ403 from Amman to Beirut:


Also Qatar and UAE

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now now dont make this into fr24 findings pt 3

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They could’ve went north like Uzbekistan Airlines…

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