Weirdest crash I ever have

Hi community

I had earlier today a really strange crash.
After a flight of 6hr 13min between Boston and Amsterdam. I crashed when I touched the runway whereas I butter it 😂

I don’t know if it’s a common issue or I’m the first one ?!

I have the video. Look at that 😂😂


One word…



That must really suck. This is a technical issue of course.


I can’t really tell, and don’t quote me on this, but it looks like your landing gear went into a “pothole” of sorts, which will cause the game to send you a crash message.

How is it possible 😂😂

This behavior could be a result of corrupted scenery. Clearing scenery cache usually solves the issue. To do this, head to Settings, General then scroll down to “Clear Scenery Cache”. Tap on that, confirm and you’re good to go! What this will do is clear any scenery which is stored in your device and this scenery will be re-downloaded from the server next time you visit EHAM.

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probably something wrong with the scenery, there are sometimes holes where you fall in

I know that if you land really smoth it causes resonance vibration along the gear shaft and trembles causing the plane to collapse.

It looked like you started lagging out as you touched down