Weirdest Bug I've Ever Had in 7 Years

Greetings everyone, 10 mins ago, I’ve landed to Copenhagen at Expert Server. I was cleared to land on Runway 22L and landed safely. Then, as I started reverse thrust, the reverse thrust stuck and started rapidly going backwards. I tried to stop it with using breaks but I literally went back to the starting point of the runway. Then, controller gave me a level 3 violation of entering a runway without permission. I was cleared to land when I landed and only there was a bug which I left the runway immediately. I have the recording (replay) of the incident


Additionally, how can I talk with the person who gave me the violation? I don’t know who is he/she.

If you believe that you have wrongfully received a Level 2 or 3 violation by one of the IFATC Controllers, you can appeal the violation by sending a private message to the Appeals Team here on the forum. You will need to provide details about the situation as well as your pilot replay.

You can use this link to create a direct message with the blank spaces to fill the corresponding information to get started with the process.

Remember to be patient and respectful. Good luck!

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Hello Nico,

I am filing the report but I don’t know who reported me. What should I do?

The controller’s username can be found on your logbook or by checking your replay under “States”.


Thank you, I’ve found it it was by “Raze”

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Dear Nico,

I’ve posted the informations and sent it where you wanted me to. Also, could you please check the last phrase of my landing if you have time?

Cheers, Share My Infinite Flight

I’m not part of the Appeals Team. If you already submitted your appeal, they will get in touch with you soon.

Good luck!

Yes, I know. I just wanted to show you the bug because it is really interesting to see someone going backwards with reverse thrust.

Did you happen to press the pause button accidentally whilst you had reverse thrust applied? This can freeze the reverse thrust in place and makes it go down and past 0kts making you go backwards.

No my friend, I did not open the pause menu. Did you watch it? It extremely weird. :)

Yes I’ve seen it, very odd indeed. I only know one way of reproducing something similar and that’s the way I mentioned above.

you can check the discussion here my friend

Like Nico, I’m not a member of the appeals team so I can’t look into your discussion with them. Good luck!

It is reversed! Cheers.