Weirdest aircraft you know

What is the weirdest aircraft you know?
Reply with the name, why it is the weirdest and a picture (experimental aircraft allowed)
Keep in mind IFC isn’t free to run, so if able, open the picture in a new tab and then copy-paste the link to the picture into your reply.

I’ll start - Nasa AD-1

So basically the wing on this thing can deviate up to 60 degrees from the standart 90 degree angle to the fuselage


I always thought the guppy looked SUPER weird

There’s a bunch more interesting photos Here

The most weirdest aircraft in my book.

Oh look! its a pregnant A320!

If we’re talking megafreighters, I think the dreamlifter with it’s opening mechanism is way weirder

Yeah lol. why in the back tho?

but its more weirder if the standard cargo nose opening on a dreamlifter

Probably because the cockpit is too high

Haha the propeller mini 747 😂


Or this mini A380

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I think it’s best that we continue here: