Weird Weather at Edwards?!

Not sure if this should be in support or not…

Loaded into Edwards to do some touch and goes, and it’s a white out, but only on certain parts of the field… very strange. Any thoughts? I loaded in multiple times to check it, and flew around multiple times to check it as well. It really only happens at the souther end.

Great instrument approach location! Lol

Never mind the speed and stuff, casual server. I literally saw nothing but white, so I just punched the throttle to get off and check this out.

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This is because of low visibility. As you can see, the METAR is reporting “0SM” meaning the visibility is “Zero Statute Miles”

I saw that, But it’s literally NO visibility! Lol. Only on the souther end. No where else around it.

looks ok to me

The METAR hasn’t updated yet in IF then. Give it some time and it should go back to normal.

I imagine taxing was fun ; )

As was already said that was caused by the extremely low visibility reported in the METAR. That it did just appear in certain areas/patches is caused by an ongoing issue with fog rendering in IF, which will probably change in due time.

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I felt like I had reached the edge of space. Lol

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