Weird Waypoint


I’m about to fly from EGLL-KJFK, and on my fpltoif flightplan, it takes me to a waypoint near Amsterdam before taking me to JFK🧐

Is there a reason for this?

Try filling in your flight plan again from the beginning

Nope, looks like a flight plan error.

Where did you get the plan from?

That happens sometimes when I use I don’t know why. Just remove the waypoint from your flight plan. :)

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If you were departing off the 09’s and had the wrong SID in it ‘may’ be the SID terminator (unlikely though as it’s outside of the FIR boundary)

Delete it and carry on.

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I was departing on 27R, but I removed it and am flying now!


This happens because fpltoif gives you a waypoint which exists more than once, or doesn’t exist in IF. IF then chooses the wrong waypoint, resulting in this.


If the waypoint is missing it replaces it with the GPS coordinates. This will only happen when there is a duplicated waypoint.

It happens from time to time. Just need to manually delete it.

Its something ive been working on.


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