Weird Vote Glitch

I only looked to see who voted, and that somehow made me vote for the feature, even though I didn’t have any votes left to vote for it. I’m very confused, how did this happen, and how do I fix it?

This has happened to me before but I don’t believe you’ve actually voted for it. It will show your PFP there but the vote won’t show up in your summary.

These are the features you’ve voted on:

Adding on, I don’t see that you voted on that page as well on my end and it displays 2. Have your tried restarting your browser or discourse and see if it was just a small bug and will resolve itself?

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Yeah, a quick browser restart always does the trick for me in regards to this issue.

It’s a issue with the voting plugin. The plugin author has done nothing yet to solve this. Refresh page should work.

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