Weird “Trident” in the New York area

Greetings fellow carbon lifeforms. It has been brought to my attention a strange “Trident” like landmass in the New York area. I know this has been present since pre-global (as I have photographic evidence). I would like to know what this is and if it even exists. I’m quite sure someone has seen it before so someone MUST know it exists.


Yes that is there in real life in Sandy Hook Bay. I took this pic 2 weeks ago while I was working at Sandy Hook USCG. Those images you shared from IF are right behind this view of the Coast Guard Cutter in the pic.

Here’s another shot of Sandy Hook Bay:


I’ve never seen that or heard about it before, just something to go looking for now.

I know it’s a wee off topic, but I want to point out how good global looks compared to the old stuff. Especially when we get a sample like this when the photo is taken in the exact same spot.


Just to add a little more substance to the importance and history of this location:



Glimpse of cargo offloading
The New York City skyline can be seen in the background.


Someone’s been doing their homework.

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Wow, that global before and after though…

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