Weird things in boeing 737 cockpit and 777

Hey everyone! I have a question to ask with the 777 in the photo below can you see little glitchy bits? And does anyone know why this is happening? Also some of the letters for buttons in the cockpit are also a little blurry as well.

If someone can help that would be great.

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Did you increase the texture quality in the settings section?

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Could you guide me to that?

In the main menu (not in the phase of a flight) you should press the gear icon which will guide you to the settings. I don’t have Infinite Flight installed but you should find this somewhere in the graphics section of the settings. I’ll be back soon to locate it.

Okay I see it now, rendering is high rendering solution is high and texture quality is high too.

This is a known «issue» I have reported this internally earlier this year.
Its compression artifacts, not much can be done with this at the moment.

(This is not regarding blurry buttons/cockpit, but the «glitchy bits)

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Ahh okay, I got my new ipad for xmas day and thought something was wrong with that, but ok thank you for telling me!

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It took me a while, but when I spawned into a Boeing 737, I did not receive any blurry textures at the moment, not sure about the Boeing 777.

I have used the following settings for the graphics.

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Ahh okay, I shall spawn in the 738 quickly now to see what its like

Ok it seems its not like it was in the 738 it is perfectly fine now

I can’t see anything wrong in the 777

I just spwaned in the 777 too it has completley gone, i think its something that comes and goes.

The glitchy bits appear when you set time to sunset/golden hour


Ahhh makes sense

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Now I see it :) Good catch there!


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