Weird the a330 not responding to the input information

I was flying and the speed went down even at full throttle I was monitoring the speed it was fine until reach mach 0.85 then the speed quickly decrease 205 in less than a hour.

What aircraft, speed, altitude and load were you trying to fly at? You might need to drop your altitude to remain in stable flight if you’re losing speed

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Airbus A330 neo

Cargo load under 30k

Interesting information

The fact that power is at 100%/101% N1 and you can’t hold set mach speed ( .85, which is a bit too fast for the A330?) is an indicator that you are too high for your weight imo.
I think an initial cruise altitude at FL390 is too high for the A330 neo. You should start at FL300-330 and step up higher when you have burnt off some fuel.

At the beginning of the flight it was between 220 to 230. FL330 is the ideal attitude?

Try FL330, and M 0.82

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I’ll try this method next time

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