Weird text

I tuned into Geneva ATC and got this

I don’t know what to do!

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I just experienced this at EHAM as well. Try restarting your device.


This should only be a glitch. A restart of your device should help.

Thanks guys. I want to do this flight but ATC still works so I could care less. (Unless there is a side effect to it). I really don’t feel like re putting in the flight plan.

You can copy your flight plan and save it. Reboot your device and paste it back in. ;)

How do I do that? I have never done it.

Click on the box in the upper right corner that has the FPL. Click and hold down on the letters and then you should be able to select all and then copy

Also, I already took off. The issue seems to be just at Geneva Airport for me right now.

Thanks for the reference though!

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This happened to me yesterday. Since then I’ve had 4 flights crash around an hour after takeoff and one after 5 hours. Also noticed that there was no weather data (just states downloding weather in top right corner), all runways are green in addition. I’ve restarted, rebooted and reinstalled. Now I only have weather at the airports within approx. 75 mile radius of my start position.

Okay. I will make sure this doesn’t happen and prevent it as much as I can. Thanks for the heads up though.

When you experience issues like this, it’s very important that we get a timestamp for when the issue occurred. This is because we want to see in the logs what happened, logs that contain huge amounts of data.

Getting a timestamp, down to second if possible would greatly help us locate this issue.



At the bottom of the screenshot it says 9:42 local time in Geneva. So it’s 0842Z. If that helps…

I’m so sorry. I don’t know that I had to do this, so I truly apologize. I can say it was around 20:00 Zulu though in real time. Once the post says 18 hours I can tell you the exact minutes it happened because I posted this right when I say it.

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Also for a little more info, This was a layover at Geneva. I was doing 3 flights without leaving the game and it happened during my layover

No need to apologize! You didn’t know :) We’ve been able to collect a timestamp from another user, so hopefully we’ll find the root cause.


Okay. Thanks for the help!

If I did it right, this happened at 20:31 Zulu.