Weird Text On Unicom

Does someone know what this is? It happened only once so I just want to know if I did something wrong. It happened when I was using Unicom.

It looks like metar.

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It is METAR. I know it’s being looked at, and it usually disappears after a while (usually next METAR update).


Thanks. It did disappear, but it was because I changed airport so also frequency.

What airport was this at?

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Nevermind, got it, when did this happen?

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It happened half an hour ago more or less. I was going to land my cirrus in HADR after leaving HSNN. I realised I forgot to tune out from the frequency and got that text just before changing.

This happened to me as well near EDDL last Thursday. Same reason as above.


Had something similar happen while controlling just a little while ago. Closed and opened the session again and it was gone, just felt to report it because some other people are experiencing it, as seen above
This happened at 21:26Z (4:26 PM EST) today.

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