Weird terrain bug

Here is my story, so i was flying from KASE to DEN yada yada yada lets get to the point, when i was descending and got to the eastern edge of the region i noticed that the terrain was weird, it was a misty white/ fog color and it sloped completely down, and the weird part is that the terrain isnt even on the map, my device is an iphone 7 plus, anyone got an explanation? Perhaps a rendering bug or something?


You can’t fly past the end of regions until global is released.


Was this a one time incident or can you reproduce it?


I didn’t fly past the edge of the region, i was at the edge but not past it as my flight plan was at the edge of the region

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This is a one time incident.

I was at FL180, the approach controller assigned me that altitude.

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When you’re reporting bugs, ensure that you can reproduce the issue and provide a step by step process on how to solve it. Yes, it doesn’t necessarily make sense for this case, but it helps the devs out by enabling them to track down and solve the problem quickly.

P.S- If you can’t repro, not usually a massive deal, hence that.


Nothing to worry about then, especially with a totally new terrain system coming with Global :)

Sometimes glitches occur for a various number of reasons, and as long as it’s not a recurring issue i wouldn’t take much note of it. Could be a matter of the process skipping a step because of unknown reasons.


Thanks guys, thanks seb, thanks smithley.