weird teleporting bug

I was parking after a short flight from Klgb to los Angeles as Suddenly this happend
It already happened twice since the update

Device:Cubotx11 Android 4.4.2
Mediatek MT6592M

How to reproduce: I don’t know

Username: NiclasD


That’s uh, yeah, interesting.


provide your username also that might help the developers too

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Take a look at the Ground Speed 😂

Wowww lol …

What did you do that caused this to happen?


And your altitude… might have a record here


I don’t know I was parking with parking brakes Set, throttel Idle,Autopilot off and was enjoying the new camera Angel as suddenly the AP disengaged Warning appeared ( AP was’nt on during parking)
And then I saw this

For the first 7 seconds of the video, it says Aircraft out of supported region. I’m guessing it would have to do with flying outside of the map, unless you didn’t, in which case, I have no clue

Maybe there’s an altidute restriction for supported airspace

Maybe it’s your Android version

This can sometimes happen in stalls the f22 does this a lot also this is very funny 😂


It’s probably a teleport bug. Where was the free cam right before this happened?

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about 10 feet about the Runway
But this bug also happened once in Cockpit View (That time it just teleported me 100 feet AGL and then it stalled and crashed into the ground with 0kts IAS)

Also I wasn’t able to recover the Aircraft all the time

Wow, didn’t expect to see that!


But I was climbing all the time 😂
But yes I agree with you it looks very similar

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You should of went 1,000,000 feet in the sky!
I noticed that you were out of the region, according to the warning. Matybe that was an effect of it?

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I was parking at Los Angeles and then it went all the way up (Maybe it catapulted a bit to the left and leaved the Region(Just why?) with 0kts Airspeed (and mach3 Edit: Mach30+ ground Speed)

OK, I see what you mean.

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30557kts ground Speed!!!