Weird taxiways at Long Beach

I was flying a c172 today and was taxiing to parking (live training server) and I saw a taxi line dig straight through the dirt. I’m just wondering what happened there. Yes, everything was loaded in and there was for sure no asphalt there.


i noticed this too while flying at MBGT with @BP-Aviation

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If you look at picture no. 1 the top right corner also points out some scenery glitches.

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Saw it at Teterboro as well.

You should put this in #support so they can fix it. But your decision.

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I guess I should, not that it’s urgent I was just wondering if anyone else saw it.

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I have seen this before and I belive it is a known issue. @LordWizrak would know more I think

Aight cool, thanks

I believe it has to do with the airport scenery files. These will get fixed as more and more airports are edited.