Weird taxiway bug at TNCM

So I was taxiing to Runway 10 at Princess Juliana, and I experienced this…

Here is where I was:

The front of the aircraft goes underneath the ground.

Trying to pull myself out with the pushback truck, to no avail.

Before these were taken, I taxied through this area and my entire aircraft fell into the void, and I got an aerobatics warning.
I have the replays for this, if you want them.

Gone for a swim.

Device: Motorola g8 power lite
Operating system: Android


you can contact @appeals to get rid of the aerobatics vio if you got one, i dont know about the ground issue

I didn’t get the violation as I exited the session before I could, thank goodness 😭

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Were you able to recreate this?

Clear your scenery cache and try again. It should fix it.

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After this happened, I quit the session and rejoined. Taxied to the same area and it still happened.

Alright, I’ll give it a go!

Did the trick, thank you! :)

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made me giggle

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