Weird tailwinds

I just completed a flight in Live from Kuala Lumpur to Singapore. For the most part of the flight, I had 20knt tailwinds, which is equivalent to about 37 km/h and they made my 787-8 rock around like a washing machine. I’ve been on multiple flights in real life where the inflight entertainment screens state the tailwinds are 60km/h or higher, but the plane doesn’t rock around like it did in my flight in IF. Comment your thoughts, opinions or suggestions down below!!


Maybe high turbulence?

Probably just that you can see the aircraft rocking on IF because of the camera angles but obviously on a plane IRL you can’t see that. Unless you’re Spiderman and you can survive without oxygen.


Also what altitude are you at for cruising? IRL there alot higher in the air

I was cruising at 20000ft as it was a relatively short flight

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No, I don’t think it was that. The plane was clearly rocking from both wing views and the cockpit view, as well as all the other views.

I’ve also been wondering about this…somehow I’m not judging but the winds in IF seem to be much stronger than IRL based on the plane’s reaction…i wonder how it would be with the coming winds in global…90+knots winds i mean


That was likely caused by a high turbulence setting, which usually coincides with strong winds in IF.

It was on live so it was reflecting real world weather, not set.

I assume turbulence is coded based on wind velocity since METARs don’t usually report turbulence.

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I’d have to agree with the turbulence.

MaxSez: Just a couple questions @bensonb… Was your craft calibrated? Was there any trim dialed in? Where you on AutoPilot during the instability? Did you note any cross or quartering winds at any point? Did the instability continue during all phases of the flight or just in Cruise? Just askin!


IF exaggerates the winds a ridiculous amount. 15-20knot winds appear very very harsh in IF, and the fact they rotate sometimes between 10 knot differences in less than two seconds (and the aircraft reacts harshly unlike in real life) causes the shaking in IF. Here’s hoping they tweak it in the global release, I’m getting tired of the 717 bobbing around like a cork in the ocean in 15knot winds and the Cirrus being almost un-landable in anything over about 12 knot quartering or more crosswinds

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Hello Max,

My airplane was calibrated at that present moment, no trim was set, as in the title, I was 100% sure they were tail winds, checking the wind arrow and my heading compared to the winds. The instability was noticeable throughout my takeoff from Kuala Lumpur, cruise and for my landing in Singapore. I had to perform a go-around at 150ft (not something I try to do, being part of a VA) as the winds were making the landing uncontrollable, which was strange as I altered my runway choice to align myself with some good headwinds. My second approach had to be done with APPR, as like I said earlier, it was way too uncontrollable. What’s really strange, is that when I reduced my speed to 20knts coming off the runway, the extreme fluctuations in the wind were reduced to a calm 2knts. Super confusing but fun flight!


@bensonb… MaxSez: I had a similar occurrence yesterday in and out of the Princess in the Carib in a Van. Calibrated, no trim, wind conditions same. unstable but correctable with control input. The only thing noticeable was a periodic, flocculating red line, out of trim indicator which was uncorrectable with both +/- input & re-calibration. An anomaly! Stuff Happens.

(@MJames… Noted,)

Most likely turbulence, which I don’t believe get influenced by winds all the time.

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