Weird stepclimb altitude inconsistencies with fpltoif/simbrief

Anyone else get this issue/know hot to prevent it from appearing in your flight plan?

Copying the flight plan from FPLtoIF won’t include altitudes. You’ll be free to step climb as you wish.

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I’m aware it won’t appear in the if flight plan, was just wondering why it appears in the simbrief/fpltoif flight plan?

That’s a question for @Chris_S, I can’t tell you why they are like that 🤷‍♂️

Sorry about that.

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No worries 👍

This is from Simbrief…sometimes it will put you on an airway (these don’t exist in IF but are straight lines of waypoints) that have an upper altitude restriction. Just ignore them.


The math is simple math. When I get some free time I can see what is happening. Sometimes things happen and there is a random decimal or whatnot.

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Do you think there is any chance of airways being reimplemented in if. It would add a lot more realism and maybe ease workload on controllers

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Airways were a thing in IF before Global - they were removed initially due to the large number of airways in the world. They will be added back eventually.

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