Weird speed glitch while landing

Hi everyone, I just experienced a weird glitch while landing in SFO, in the Expert Server, and wanted to know if anyone has ever had the same issue.

I was about 8NM away from SFO when my auto-throttle went insane. The throttle started going from 0 to a 100 in less then a second, and it would keep going up and down insanely fast. The speed itself started glitching too (on the HUD view), going from around 170-180 knots in seconds as well, but not as if it was trying to increase or decrease speed, but as if it was just randomly rolling the numbers. Does that make sense?

I then turned the AP off and pulled my throttle to 0, which solved the problem, but it had never happened before. The weirdest part comes now: Altough my HUD showed the speed glitching like crazy, the bars on the bottom of the screen showed my speed as constant, so I didn’t have any actual problems while landing.

Has anyone ever had the same issue?

EDIT: Sorry if this is in the wrong category, didn’t know what to put it in

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Hi @SollAriuum ! I’ve experienced this but it was on descent and the winds gusty and all over the place. I’m not postive but my guess was that the AP was compensating for the wind conditions in order to maintain airspeed. Hopefully someone has a more detailed explanation if its something the game does or if its a bug.

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Ooh, I see! Thank you anyway, it’s good to know I wasn’t the only one who was gone through this!

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Its probably the thottle trying to maintain set speed, but is struggling because of the winds, and turbulence.

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Yes, this happens to me when the wind is gusty. This would never happen in real life though. Just a bug. 🐞

Definitely wind turbulence , i have had this happen to me when approaching certain airports with strong crosswinds .or flying in heavy turbulence

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