Weird sound caused by partially open gear hold on A319

As an avgeek I’m always recording, and today I happened to catch a boat horn sounding noise on an A319 while on a flight from Bozeman to Phoenix. The reason you hear this sound is because the air is hitting this little opening in the gear hold causing this noise. Luckily this loud sound didn’t bother us the whole flight as it only happened during takeoff, landing and when there was turbulence. This issue was NOT an emergency but rather something that can happen after many flights and can be repaired.


Not necessarily what you want to hear after takeoff, but very interesting insight! Thanks for sharing :)


I’ve heard something like this once before. Was quite perplexed when it happened, and been wondering for over 2 years already. This is pretty interesting to be honest.


If I was flying the NEO I thought it would be the engines.

But that noise is annoying knowing it’s not a NEO.

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Yep, it definitely is.

To me I’m sounds like the 777 a little bit.

I prefer the hydraulics sound tbh

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That’s interesting. I didn’t know this could happen!

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That was a cool sound! Hope you had a nice trip in Bozeman!


I did! Thank you!

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