Weird sound bug

I just finished a flight from LTN-BHX in a Embraer 190 in the British Airways livery (Shuttle 3 28) and after I landed on 15 at BHX tower told me to contact ground. After I responded “wilco” I automatically went to the ground frequency. Then I went to the outside view and the engine noise was really low. But when I advanced the throttle it went back to normal. Then I put the throttle to idle it went to that same weird noise. I opened the closed out the app and re-opened it. Nothing happened.

iPhone 6
Latest version of Infinte Flight
IOS 10.0.1

I have noooo idea m8, sorry😬

happening to me but this was in an a319

Just updated to IOS 10.0.2 and it all good. Thanks for the feedback @Tyler_Gaske and @nicochile2

no problem

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