Weird Shadow Bug

Sorry if this is a duplicate
I was flying my first Global Flight from ATL - CSG in a Delta 747, when about 1,000 ft AGL my landing shadow popped up. It looked like I was landing midair. It confused me and caused me to do a pretty rough landing. Please reply so I can continue flying without having to worry about this happening again


what are your settings? Did you do a fresh install (delete old build and install new one) or just update?

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I believe this issue has already been reported before. It could be caused by the heavy workload on the servers.

Just a quick off topic question, if I had only updated IF, should I remove the old one ad re-install it?

I just updated, no fresh download. My settings are the same as the settings were when I first updated, except I turned off Auto Coordination, Limit Frame Rate, and turned on Airport Names

Are you recommending a fresh install?.. I did an update but have not landed yet…

the servers are working overtime for sure, even LiveFlight is having a hard time right now.

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This is due to the server not being updated quick enough and the terrain & scenery not rendering properly. This issue should be fixed soon enough as load speeds become better.

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