Weird scenery glitch

From the past 2 or 3 days am having this weird scenery problem. I have a optimal connection. Neither I have a low storage problems on my device. I tried clearing the scenery cache but it also didnt work for me. Maybe these pictures will explain my problem.

Edit: I have 200GB free at the moment and using Samsung Galaxy tab S6.

Where is the exact location of these photos? Will try to reproduce.

It was 200nm Northwest of KSFO!

Thanks. Will spawn at CA39 and check it out in a few minutes.

That’s a bit subjective - do you mind performing a speed test? is a great website to do that.

EDIT: Also, did you happen to move somewhere in the last 2-3 days?

Yup having a proper internet speed with only 3ms ping! I dont know, it occurs whenever am doing a longhaul.

No. Am at the same place. In my bed 🤷🏻‍♂️

Okay, thanks. After you completed the test, what are your upload/download speeds?

And I know you said you have plenty of storage, but how much is that exactly?

I’ve tried to reproduce it around the relative spot, flying around the areas you’ve mentioned in solo. Can’t seem to reproduce the issue you are having.

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Here. And see the recent edit for my storage and device

@Thunderbolt, exactly! its only me facing this issue I guess…

It could be a specific network issue that’s what intermittent. It could also be some fog rendering issues.

Does it happen every flight? Or just this one?

Are you able to recreate it elsewhere?

Yup it happened to me yesterday too. While doing EGLL-LGAV.

Also happened to me just now flying from KDEN to KSFO execpt insteat of big squares, I had it across my whole screen.

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