Weird Scenery Bug at Narita International Airport (RJAA)

—I’m playing Infinite Flight using my Tecno POVA 2 which used the Android 11 OS—

So, in my case, when I was approaching at RJAA after 8 hours+ flight from Jakarta WIII, I encountered the super weird scenery bug.

As everyone know, scenery bug is such a headache to us. But, my case kind of different by the way. The taxiway line at RJAA is there while the apron, taxiway and the runway itself is missing. Here’s the evidence that I collected as per picture below:

Pic no.1

Pic no. 2

Pic no. 3

Seems weird, right? Well, my friend told me that this case has been reported to the devs team but after I checked every topic in Support section, the problem is not present. So this topic could the first one issuing about RJAA’s scenery bug.

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Yes, this is a known issue and has been adressed.

I recommend you restart your app.


Well, I always closed the app for brief rest before flying again

This is what I found unique by the way. If we approached RJAA from the sea, the scenery is gone and that’s true. BUT, if we approached using the same approach way to Haneda (not turn left, just keep going straight according to your made-up FPL) as we flying from the west like Dubai, Doha or Jeddah, the scenery will appeared as usual

This also happens to other airports.

If restarting app didn’t work, try to clearing your scenery cache or restart your device that should work.

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Go to settings, graphics, then change your 3D object density, rendering quality and rendering resolution to a lower setting. After that, the map will come back. Once it has come back, but it back to the original settings and voila!


abra cadabra i represent the problem solver!


Thanks a lot. Now it work, but I’ll monitored it how long that behave…

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