Weird runway weather glitch

For some reason there are some airports that only have green runways, even the major ones

Here’s a photo

Can the developers fix this issue? That would be great

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That means that the winds are calm enough so you can use any runway you’d like. The wind in your screenshot says 4 KT and that’s why they are all green, 4 KT isn’t that much.


This isn’t an issue, the wind isn’t strong enough to mean a runway isn’t usable.


Oh ok, I though of that at first too


Anybody know what orange means? I always assumed it means “caution” bc I slid off the runway on a LIVE act controlled airport a few hours ago and honestly that was no fun.

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So the colours don’t indicate whether the runway is open or closed. They are wind “warnings”.

  • Green = favourable, within limits.
  • Amber = Caution required, you could have borderline PM cross wind limits.
  • Red = Unfavourable, the wind is not within limits for a safe landing.

Ok cool. I took off on a runway that was Amber and it had a 25knt crosswind, my 777 Heavy was taken off the runway due to this, well I tried to compensate for the strong wind by rudder but I think I overcompensated and slid off the runway just a little and tried to abort but overshot to the side of the runway and just sat there in shock lol…I didn’t expect 25knts to do that but I also saw other aircraft (granted smaller) really struggle, even on my second try with N1 = 100 it was a huge challenge. I have never had that happen before, I can land very well in crosswind but I don’t remember me ever trying to take off in one.

Also, does anybody know what the procedure is if you accidentally slide off like that or overshoot the runway without crashing? Regarding how to communicate or not with ATC.

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A slower acceleration when executing a difficult take off is advised.

I keep my N1 down in the low 80s for high crosswinds, it allows me to ensure I keep my nose pointing straight.

I’d suggest, in the real world - sliding off the Runway = a crash. I’d leave, wipe my brow, remove the embarrassed look from my face and come back in with a new callsign and hope no one recognises me.


Hahaha Lol :(. I have never done it before but it was embarrassing.