Weird Runway lettering

I recently was inbound to NZAA (Auckland) and I noticed that the runway is labeled 5R but there is only one runway. Can someone please explain why this is?

Then my other question is why is there a “T” after some runway numbers in the Arctic?

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I believe they used to have an old runway (5L), but it was changed to a taxiway.


Previously taxiway ‘Alpha’ (parallel to the main runway) had been modified and designated as Runway 23R/05L so that rehabilitation work could be completed on the main runway 23L/05R. After the work was completed, the temporary runway reverted to taxiway alpha, although the main runway retained its L/R designations.

From this Wikipedia article


Well they’re building a 5L and plan to have it up by 2028.

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5L-23R is now a taxiway (have a glance at Google Maps)

NZAA has been discussed a few times here in the community. When the airport editors had it in there as a runway it was just too difficult to manage traffic on the ground effectively so it was removed.

This post explains the previous situations encountered with the old setup of the airport in Infinite Flight: