weird right swing

not sure if anyone else had this happen to them but i took of from klax and apon take off, the jet took a random weird hard right swing. not sure what happened. its happened once in the past but not for a while. anyone know whats going on?

It was either the crosswinds or you forgot to turn on an engine or two.

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not sure how how though, winds were 12 knots and both engines on hehe its not a huge problem, just hard to take off when it did it :P

It doesn’t take much wind to make your plane go somewhere you don’t want it to. It will always face towards the wind, so use your rudder to combat that motion

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May I ask which aircraft were you flying when this happened?

ah! ok so sometimes it can make a hard turn even on low winds? ok, i didnt know that :)

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captain im in a 747 :) so its pretty heavy

im actually on my way to KBFL as were talking hehe i love this game :P

Hmm, the B747 could be banking to left or right even if the winds are low. I’ve had it happen a few times flying near MTOW 747’s when winds were at 15kts, so not much of difference from the wind speeds you were experiencing.

So as @DiamondGaming4 said, it’s possible for minor amount of wind to push you plane one side :)

ah fair play! like i said, its not a huge problem, just threw me off guard is all XD also, do you know any other popular airports other than london and KLAX?

One thing to keep in mind, is to always be on your highest alert during crucial moments of flight, mostly on Takeoff, and Landing as you’re flying manually, you have to be focusing to the Max and be able to fly the plane out of the airspace safely or land it without and issues.

Always be aware of sudden wind bumps, they can come anytime and throw a pilot off guard. Has happened to me a few times on landing, so it’s good to be on look out ;)

Other Popular Airports would be: KSFO, RJTT, RJAA, YSSY, YMML, EHAM, KJFK and other Bravo Class Airports.

dang! i didnt realise the game was actually THAT indepth! wow ok yea, ill keep that in mind :)


Hehe Oh do ya hehe

its probably the most advanced on the app store hehe

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I agree with ya hehe

there is such a nice community here aswell, i should probably be more active on the site :P

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sorry hehe :)

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sure thing :) sorry :D

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