Weird reply swapping?


So there is this weird thing that I’ve been experiencing when I reply to someone.

When I reply the first, my reply would be the first one for a few seconds. I’d go back to the Main page, and then go back to the persons topic, and I see that my reply is second.

Why is this? Are moderators switching replies or is this a glitch?

No we are not switching replies. This happens when two or more people reply at once and they hit the reply button simultaneously.


I see, but it’s weird because I replied first. Than a couple of seconds later, my reply switches to the second reply. Even though the other person replied several seconds after me.

Sometimes you will see that you’ve replied first however once the posting times get sorted on your end then you may see that your post was actually a margin of a second slower. The cataloguing of posts is in chronological format so what you see on your screen initially may not be synced with the actual submission tile of the reply.


Ohh, ok. Thanks like always Levet!

Feel free to close this 😉

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