Weird replay happening

So… this one replay of mine is stuck looking like this, with the plane constantly pitching up in the same spot the entire replay. I put the time in 3 different spots, and they all look the same. How do I undo this?

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Have you tried restarting your device or trying a different replay?

No I have not, I’ll try that.

Is your situation that the plane spawns with no gear, the display tag turns orange and the plane floats up and up eventually into space?

No, it just does this, whatever this is. There were no connection issues the entire flight.

I restarted the device and it still happened, and I tried another replay and the other replay worked fine

Did rebooting have any impact? Otherwise this is typically due to connection issues or network issues during the flight. There is usually no way to recover it.

Rebooting had no impact. Maybe this has to do with the fact that this replay was uploaded to my device after I emailed it to myself because I had to delete and redownload Infinite Flight for another issue?

Hard to tell. Normally the issues with email will corrupt it to the point of not importing.

Oh, now this has become an issue where the replay timeline will not go back in time, as well as the aircraft pitching.

Your replay is corrupted. There is no way to recover it.

Oh. I recorded this in case you’d want to see it.