Weird Rectangles In The Scenery

Hello, sorry if this is not the category in which I should post this, there are just 2 things I want to know:

Are those weird lines in the scenery a known issue?, and why did they begin to appear?

It’s not a big problem, but kinda annoying to take pics and then realizing the scenery doesn’t look good

Correct me if I’m wrong, but I think the scenery loads in chunks. They aren’t gonna be perfect where they intersect. That’s why you can see lines if you look closely. You can’t really see it if you’re under 10,000ft in my experience.

Yes, it loads like that, but from my recent experiences, even if I zoom, there are some parts that still look a bit darker, it’s weird because that had never happened before, probably it’s a 21.1 issue. Fortunately it doesn’t happen in all my flights

Similar to this issue, perhaps?

Where is that? I could check out if I also have the same problem there

Known issue globally with scenery rendering. Can’t say I know what it’s about exactly.

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Exactly that, the problem is that I have that issue not only in Greenland but anywhere I fly over

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Ok, gonna quickly spawn somewhere there

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I am on my way but the area is pretty far from the next airport, so it might take another 5 mins unitl I am there

I also have the same issue there 😬

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Seems not to be an issue of my device, thanks for your help, hope we see this fixed soon

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